Our Vision

Vision Statement

Our vision is that everyone in the Shreveport/Bossier area has access to community gardens, nutritious food, and the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement

The Red River Coalition of Community Gardeners creates and maintains community gardens in the Shreveport/Bossier area. Using sustainable practices, we grow healthy food, provide education for healthy lifestyles, and empower people to share their unique contributions.


We create gathering places where people grow together.

Guiding Principles

Health – We nurture the health and well-being of our community through good food, meaningful relationships, and healthy lifestyles.

Community – We create a vibrant community that encourages individuals to flourish and share with one another.

Sustainability – We support and promote practices that do no harm to the environment and pass on a vital legacy to future generations.

Diversity – We value our differing viewpoints, skills, and experience to create a unified whole.

Empowerment – We encourage and support people in sharing their unique contributions.

Resourcefulness – We value the precious resources of earth and community and use them with wisdom and respect.

Education – We create an open environment that encourages life-long learning.

Consensus – We strive for solutions and directions that embrace all our needs and views in our discussion.

Inclusiveness – We nurture strong relationships so everyone feels comfortable to share their unique qualities and gifts.

Realistic – We take actions that are grounded in what works and bears fruit.

RRCCG Objectives

  1. Provide education and support for youth and community gardeners
  2. Develop a volunteer network under the direction of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
  3. Expand the capacity of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service to distribute agricultural information to individuals and groups in the community
  4.  Address food access barriers by providing education and support for nutritious food choices
  5.  Maintain a library of free materials related to agriculture
  6.  Provide free instruction to the public concerning sustainable gardening procedures through regular programming
  7.  Host non-commercial events introducing new plants and gardening information to the public
  8.  Award youth for participating in gardening activities
  9. Encourage civic beautification through community gardens
  10.  Recognize civic achievements in agriculture and community gardening

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